The Driven-Box Method


Every single year around this time, you write out your New Year’s resolutions.

You get excited.

The year starts.

Time goes by.
The resolutions you set?
They are now out the window.


You get discouraged.




I’ve been there. Yeah, I’ve been there a ton. Life happens. Unforeseen circumstances arise. Finances are not there. And frankly, it’s real easy to forget all of the things you set out to do.


I was feeling like I had no direction. Feeling like I was letting life control me. I wasn’t living fully. I wasn’t living in a way that felt whole. I was letting an old story drive me to do the same-old things.

I grew tired of the same routine. I grew tired of feeling aimless.


So I developed a method to change all of that!


The Driven Box Method Logo.jpg

The Driven-Box Method, a systematic framework for your year, gets rid of the shackles of fleeting resolutions.



-Instead of setting a resolution, we set up your central word as your theme. Everything revolves around this theme.

-Instead of talking about wanting new jobs or moving, we nail down the spaces you’ll live out your most honest self.

-Instead of saying how happy you want to be, we get clear on the type of vibes you want to give off and receive

-Instead of writing down stagnant resolutions, I’ll teach you to to evolve your outcomes

-Instead of kicking folks out of your life, we set up boundaries that will attract everyone that SHOULD be in your life while ushering out those that shouldn’t

I’ve lived the Driven Box Method.

The Driven-Box Method has kept me grounded. It has kept me focused. It has kept me sane. It has kept me driven.

It’s time to bring drive and purpose back. And this time, it’s going to stick around. 

Get your copy of The Driven-Box Method!


You will jump into 2018 with vision and drive. Your year will be one of purpose and wisdom. And you won't go about it alone! My Boxhead Cohort is designed to give you an instant community of people who are walking through and walking out their Driven-Box! Not only are they doing so together, they've also got me as their very own personal Life Consultant. With three different tiers of the Cohort to match your life needs, wherever you are and whatever your pursuit, joining the Boxhead Cohort is your next step in ensuring the success of your Driven Box Method!


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