I've created this little box in the world to be able to share ideas, thoughts, and best practices that has helped me get the results that I want. 

[Additionally, to talk About Coffee, Occasional Tv Shows, And Probably More Coffee]

The ideas, thoughts, and best practicesI  share come from my life experiences, tenure in ministry, and careers in the [sometimes boring, but equally awesome] corporate world. I use sources on the internet, tips from my friends in high places that love what I love and are successful in what they do, and my mom. She is a very smart lady. I also use what God gave me...a brain. I think it's one of the best!

With that being said, I make no guarantees that you will get the same results as I did and by being on this sight, you agree to not sue me in the event you try my methods and get a totally different result. You agree not to get mad at me and call me names. You agree not to send me hate mail. You agree to still have a cup of coffee with me regardless. 

There are options to opt into exclusive content sent by me, where you will need to provide an email address [and sometimes your twitter name] to get in. I'll also ask for your email address if you want to work with me [ I'll send you my rates and schedule ]. I do not sell or share your information with anyone at all [including those sleezy online marketing robots]. 

Should you choose to work with me, I have a pretty strict cancellation fee of $100 if you choose to cancel within 24 hours of our appointment. 

If you have any questions, let me know here. 

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