If you were to look back over the arc of your life, one truth is made clear.
Never underestimate the power of seizing an opportunity.

My aim has always been to serve and lead well no matter where I am and regardless of what capacity I may be in. I’ve been awarded an incredible opportunity to serve my city of St. Petersburg, FL while expanding my capacity as a leader and deepening my leadership acumen.

After a rigorous application and interview process, I will be a part of the new class of Leadership St. Pete. One of the oldest leadership programs in America and a division of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Leadership St. Pete® seeks to identify, recruit and develop leaders who represent the diversity of our local community. Through a dynamic, intensive, interactive, six-month experience, Leadership St. Pete is customized to provide a curriculum that enhances community acumen to develop the future leaders who will assume roles in the Chamber and other community organizations.

Mayors, college presidents, and sport team executives have come out of this program. And now, I too have an opportunity to come out of this program having learned more about St. Pete, be poured into by some of its top leaders, all while working on a give-back project to the city. My aim is to graduate this program with the tools needed to further grow my leadership capacity, leadership acumen, and be able to utilize my skills and contacts for the the Kingdom of God —whatever that looks like here in my little neck of the woods. 

During my time in Leadership St. Pete, I will be able to rub shoulders with other movers and shakers in the city, learn from city leaders, state government leaders, cultural leaders and more. I will even be able to attend a leadership retreat at the Eckerd College Leadership Institute!


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