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Spinnin' With My Hands Gripped

So, I'm sitting in my car in a parking lot after getting my hair cut. With my car running, I was waiting for it to warm up because the weather here in St. Petersburg has plummeted to between 30-40 degrees recently. It's been wet and cold. As I sat in my car, I heard this loud screech and looking to my left, saw a car literally losing control and spinning down the street in front of me. This car spun around at least 3 times before straightening back out in the parking lot of a gas station across the way from the parking lot I was in. 

It. Was. Wild!

After a beat, the car peeled off from where he landed at the gas station onto a side street and just like that he was gone. 

Still speeding. Roads still wet. As if nothing just happened. 

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