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Get Happy: Part Three

Yes, I'll take a Venti Bold please? There are few mornings that I go without having my cup of coffee! I love it too much. I drink my coffee black, none of that creamer/sugary stuff. I've grown to really enjoy the different nodes of flavor in coffee. So with that being said, today lets look at rituals that help us get happy!

Savor your morning coffee! Take a moment and really enjoy it. Smell it. Taste it. Appreciate it. Corny? Maybe.

What I've been studying about getting happy shows savoring — appreciating the good moments – is what separates the happiest people from the average cup of Joe...see what I did there?

I imagine some of you are saying, “Well, I don’t drink coffee.” And please imagine me saying, “That’s not the point.” It can be anything you do every morning. And embedding savoring in our little daily rituals is powerful because studies show rituals matter.

You can think about rituals that you yourself might engage in prior to consumption experiences. What they do, they make us a little bit more mindful about the consumption experience that we are about to have. Because of that, we end up savoring the food or whatever we are drinking more, we enjoy the experience more, and in fact, we’re also more willing to pay higher prices for whatever it is that we just consumed. Once again,rituals are beneficial in the sense that they create higher levels of enjoyment in the experience that we just had.
— Francesca Gino, Harvard

So what other habit can we build into our schedule that boosts joy?

People who exercise are, across the board, mentally healthier: less depression, anger, stress, and distrust.

Don’t like exercise? Then you’re doing the wrong kind. Running, lifting weights, playing any sport… Find something you enjoy that gets you moving.

Okay, time to head to work. What’s the best thing to do when you start the day? It’s not about you — but it will make you happier. Tell you more about that tomorrow?