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Get Happy: Part Five

In my final installment  of the Get Happy series, I wanted to take a look at what my friends said in an answer to the question "What makes you happy?" It's been interesting watching the answers come in. Take a look for yourself. 

God, Jackson, Angie, singing.
Worshipping, outdoor time with my family, serving others with my kids
God, worshiping with my Savior, time with my children, speaking to people Ab God’s unmerited Grace!!!
accomplishing goals.
Alone time with Jesus, student ministry, mission trips, dancing, starbucks, Apple, laughing, & those cinnamon pretzels at the mall.
Jesus, my wife, moving up in employment
Volunteering, living for Jesus, my family and friends, watching and playing sports, being successful, never giving up, my songwriting, and being happy in life.
Worship. Family. Friends. Fires. Dogs. Water (lake, beach, river). Music. Oreos.
Outdoor adventures and nature.
Having my family all together
-Spending time with my husband
-Spending time with my family
-Encouraging AND genuine conversations
Laughter, music, drawing, intelligent conversation, intelligent design, gifts, hugs....and the Cowboys winning!
Helping other people, being with other people, laughing, playing games, making new friends.
God’s unmerited favor.
My wife’s touch Joy on my children’s face a the glow of a campfire.
My sweet husband David Lee Rice, great coffee, meaningful conversations, praying for people, jazz, touching silky fabric, the smell of fall, bread just out of the oven, the way newborn babies fingers’ are so small, disney songs, singing in the car, grandma’s hugs, the place I fit under my daddy’s shoulder, the my husband’s blue eyes soften when he looks at me, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, and dreaming.
Funny cat videos, homemade fall incense and fall days on the playground with my kids.
Comfort that with all my pain & suffering, God will get me through; the love & support of my family; being able to spend the rest of my life with my soulmate; and a grande Starbucks Cafe Americano.
Singing for Jesus and others joining in with abandon, doing something hard and knowing I was obedient to God in the doing it against my feelings and will, watching my children in service to God, helping someone who can’t return the favor, quiet walks or biiking with my hubby, the presence of God invading my space in the night or early morning and a full house with people enjoying one another.
Basketball, my family, friends, singing,and Jesus

What makes you happy?

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