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Things I've Learned While On Vacation

Last week, we took 10 days off to vacation, rest, recharge, and celebrate our two year anniversary. We went on a holiday! I've always wanted to say that. Every time I take a vacation, I grow more. Doesn't that sound oxymoronic? Since I am a very intentional dude, this type of thing bleeds over into everything, being intentional, even while on vacation.

Last week, I learned a lot about myself, my wife, my friends, my likes, my dislikes, my stress triggers and so much more. However, I wanted to take some time and share some lessons that really stick out. 


[ LOVE WHAT YOU DO ] A friend of mine has this saying, "Work your tail really work hard at what you do, and then rest hard". I thought about this statement a ton while being on vacation. Being on vacation is so much better when you love what you do. When you love what you do, you work really hard at it because you're really passionate about it. You continue to strive to be the best at it and do it well. Then, you get tired. To recharge at that point is pure bliss in my opinion because you deserve it. You've spent energy and time investing everything you have into that thing you do! You've exhausted yourself with that work. Resting out of that context really allows you to celebrate the time off. You don't spend the time dreading going back to work, in fact, you take time resting your mind while simultaneously getting inspired and energized for the next season of work that you are returning to. When you love what you do, vacation is a time to rest because you deserve it and a time to become a visionary. 

[ TURN IT OFF ] A portion of my vacation was spent cruising to Key West, FL and then on to Mexico. Since I had no cellular service while on the ship (and didn't want to pay enormous Roaming charges), I placed my phone on airplane mode and used it strictly for pictures, saved articles that I wanted to read, and jotting down ideas and thoughts for Bracket Aims and my job. It was HARD! It was amazing to feel the pull of the habit of opening up Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and Google+! I also blocked people from being able to reach me (Texting, Email, Calls) It was a strong pull but I survived. By turning that stuff off, I found myself more observant, more connected to people and the surroundings. I was able to record with my eyes and my heart and my other senses. Although, I do a pretty good job of not being so connected to my phone, I've learned that I need to take more breaks, more time off from being connected. As much as I love technology and all that jazz, I believe for me, I'm too available to others and not enough for my own self. I'm not available to myself. So I'm going to be doing a lot more of being unavailable and disconnected so that I can reconnect to myself and my life...for me. 

[ A GOOD PROCESS IS A GOOD PROCESS ] How is it that a cruise ship operates in the middle of the ocean, with over 2,000 people on board and everyone feel safe, has fun, and are fed?! This was my question all week. And so I did what I do best, I observed. I watched the process of the dinner service, the path the ship took, how the Lido deck got cleaned, and what the process looked like to get all of those people off. I was amazed at how efficient things were. Honestly I can't walk you through each process because the process was so good. A good process is one that appears effortless for the end user yet is effective at achieving the goal for the process owner. I'm sure it takes a lot of effort to handle a ship and its passengers but the "how they did it" was not in my face and I love that. That kept it magical for me. 


[ SUN, FUN, & COFFEE ] If I'm ever missing, you can probably find me staring at the sun, having fun, while sipping on coffee. I can be intensely productive AND intensely relaxed. I don't need a lot of entertaining. I'm just as good doing nothing as long as I have my sun, fun, and coffee. You may call me simple and I kinda like that about me. Here's why: being simple helps me to take it all in. I'm able to love my minutes more and stretch them out more. I'm a planner and on vacation I can relax that side of me and not have a plan. And then there is coffee. I just love it and I have found that drinking it black is the best way to go. (That's a freebie). 

I love vacations. They really are a time of rest and reflexion when you do them right.

What are some things that you've learned on recent vacations?