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Taylor Swift vs Beyonce



...Apple vs Android.

An odd thing happened to me last night. When I say odd, I mean out of the ordinary, strange, awkward, weird...which I guess the word "Odd" covers all of that. I digress. An odd thing happened to me last night. I bought the new Taylor Swift record. 

I can hear the gasps amongst the audience. Don't judge me. All of America is doing it. Her album went platinum this week which is a pretty hard thing to do these when you look at the modern music landscape. In the age of streaming free music, being able to purchase single songs vs entire albums, selling music these days is hard. 

Listening to some pop culture news yesterday, I heard the anchor say, "Taylor Swift has surpassed Beyonce as the new queen". After, I rolled my eyes in a dismissive fashion. I began thinking about that statement. I started thinking, what if Beyonce had heard that comment. What would she think? What would T Swift think? Do they care? Are they in competition with each other? Or is the competition in our head?

Have you ever noticed how much competition there is out there? I'm not just talking about music. You see it everywhere. The war between Apple and Samsung, or Android in general, CNN vs FOX, The Saints (whom I love) vs the Falcons, Girls vs Girls, Me vs You. Why?

As I was driving my young buddy Josh home from hanging out with him at dinner, we blasted Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" (my excuse is he hadn't heard it yet so I had the pleasure of introducing him to the song). It made me think. Why are we always in competition with each other. 

We place so much energy trying to be better than the next guy or one up that other church that it causes us to lose focus on what it is we were created to do. I believe that we need to begin ushering our energy into what we do best, being ourselves! 

I'm beginning to learn that looking to my right and looking to my left to see what the competition is doing causes me not to run faster, but remain an observer vs an innovator. If we could focus on our own lane, if we could focus on our path, I believe that the "competition" would handle itself. Here's what I mean by that: not everyone is going to like what you produce. Not everyone is going to enjoy what you do or how you lead or what you create. And that's ok. But if we are all doing what we were all called to do individually, it will cause people to choose what they want to subscribe to more organically because what we are creating for them is organic. It is based on what we have to offer. They may not like it and they may go to the next company, or person, or brand...and that my friends is ok.

What Apple does is totally different and has a different feel to it than Android. I prefer Apple. Nothing wrong with Android, I just prefer Apple. Beyonce sings in an entirely different genre than Taylor Swift...I prefer Beyonce over Taylor Swift...nothing wrong with Taylor...I just like Beyonce more. 

Don't focus on the competition. Just create what you were meant to create. Only you can do that. 

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