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One Before Three - Day 1

Ok, so let me just give some quick context. A couple of weeks ago, Simone and I were looking at our family calendar (yes we operate on a calendar system) and we noticed a HUGE issue!

See, the thing is, Simone is about to embark on a huge adventure, a missions trip to Prague, CZ (she still needs your help raising money for the trip) for ten days. We are really excited about it since this will be her first missions trip. She'll be leaving next Friday June 27. So what's the big deal? Ok ok, I'm getting to it. I will be traveling to Dallas, Tx for 7 days on a business trip to train in some people management systems software. The thing is, I leave this Sunday June 22 and will get back home one day AFTER Simone leaves for Prague. In essence, beginning this Sunday, we won't see each other for three weeks. 

So this week we blocked out ALL of our free time to spend it together. This was pretty hard because if you know anything about our life right now, especially my wife's, you know how busy we have been and how crazy it is to block out time just for us. We've had to say no to friends coming into town, ministry opportunities, and others putting pressure on our time together. Sometimes, a no to the world is the only way to a yes and a win in your marriage.

Now for the cool stuff. For day 1, I had originally planned for Simone and I to go and take a couples cooking lesson in Uptown Columbus. I made the reservation last week, paid for the class, and was fully prepared to spend a really cool, never-done-before, evening with my wife when suddenly, she phoned and said that she had minor dental surgery and was picking up Vicodin for the pain she had. Well, there went the evening. I was bummed. 

...but then...

Sunset over the river.

It occurred to me, after getting home and checking to see how much pain she was in, we simply could not afford to just let this evening pass by. So I said to her, "hey get dressed....HURRY!" We jumped in my car drove really fast to downtown Columbus. She had no idea why or what we were about to do. We parked hurriedly and rushed down to the river walk. We found a spot and stared at the Sun. It was setting. I wanted to watch the sunset with my wife. 

We spent the next hour, watching the river and watching the Sun fall into it. Afterwards, we went a had froyo. Good night.


What's the most spontaneous thing you've done with your spouse or significant other?