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One Before Three - Day 2

How did we end up sitting at the table, reviewing family goals and looking towards the future? When did we grow up? When did we grow up together? When did we become adults?

What's with all of the questions? I am SO glad that you thought to ask! So for Day 2 of our 1 week together before being apart 3, we kept it simple...sort of. Tonight was a quick bite to eat and movie! Simone and I love movies. Actually, I love watching movies with her and experiencing movies with her. We often get in little play fights over films that she hasn't seen. I mean there are so many good ones that I just don't understand how she even lived without seeing them! So experiencing oldies as well as new films is always a treasure!

Tonight we decided to go see Tom Cruise's new film Edge of Tomorrow. Despite some of his wacked out comments and beliefs, the man is a genius at acting! The film was great, it's not the best but it's still great. The script is smart and I'm a sucker for smart writing!

Before the movie, we stopped by Panera Bread to have a quick bite to eat. We don't really eat out much but I thought this would add to the evening and it did. After ordering our Pick 2 (I got the Chicken and Rice soup and Chicken and fruit salad, in case you were wondering), we sat outside on the patio and just began talking about stuff. After a few minutes discussing some things, I began to ask the question about some of Simone's goals that she set for 2014 and where she was with them. While she spoke about the status of her goals, somehow my mind drifted into this alternate universe where I was looking in on this scene of my wife and I sitting at dinner talking about goals and dreams and careers and finances and relationships. It was surreal.

Wasn't it just yesterday that her and I were playing hard to get and being shy around each other - unable to let the other know that we liked the other? Wasn't it just yesterday that we were having our first date at Top Flr in Atlanta and jetted off into the night to have coffee and treats at Cafe Intermezzo? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was on one knee, again at Top Flr where we had had our first date, proposing and asking her to be my wife with a ring made out of string? Wasn't it just yesterday that the old doors parted to reveal my bride as she walked down the aisle to wed me?

When did we grow up and become a family? It's nuts to me that her and I have been together for four years, married almost two. It's such a short time but it feels like a lifetime already. This adult season started but I don't know when. 

And so I'm having an out of body experience watching Simone and I eat our soups and salads at Panera while talking about adult life, this real life? It's interesting how if you're not careful, 4 years slip by and your wondering where did that time go? And if you are careful, you're wondering in these last four years, what did we do to be intentional to get us here. I want to be that intentional. I want to say, "this is what we set out to do, we did it, and now what?" I want more moments where the days struggles and toil are on pause as we connect to just simply live life the only way we know how in the moments that we have. 

Have you ever had one of these moments? What were you looking back on? What had you gained? What had you lost?