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One Before Three - Day 3

"In the beginning God created... And God said... And God saw that it was good... God saw all that He had made, and it was very good." 

For Day 3 of our 1 week together before 3 apart, Meeks and I attended a Painting for Fun class at Brushes & Beverages in downtown Columbus. I loved it! This date held a little more excitement for me because it was new ground for us. New ground in the sense that we had never done anything like this before.. and together for that matter. First of all, I am a sucker for all things artsy fartsy. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say I wanted to write and play music for movie scores. Also from time to time in my dreams, I'm a world renowned Ballerina and I'm "bffsies" with Yo Yo Ma! So naturally the little Piccasso in me was stoked! 

Anyway, when we entered the shoppe, our instructors for the evening greeted us and explained the way the class would work. We picked out our canvas, selected our sketch, and got to work. As soon as our instructor set the canvas and palette of colors in front of me, my stomach immediately hit the ground. With the brush in my hand, I realized this isn't going to be just like painting my nails the way I had originally imagined. This thing is blank and I've got to make it come to life! As I looked over at my husbands selection, I immediately wished I had chosen an easier one. Then, the more I began to add to it the more confidence arose!

At some point I just let the instructor guide me as I worked on my painting. She said, "You want to start with the lighter colors and work your way to the darker bolder colors."  So I did. As we both began to lose ourselves in our projects, I started thinking about how similar our relationship was to what she had just said to me. Heres what I mean: When Meiko and I met, we danced around the fact that we liked each other. As we started spending more and more time together the color palette of our romance got bolder as we deepened into our ultimate call to wed ourselves to one another; bringing to life the masterpiece God had in mind when he created the canvas of our lives. 

In the beginning God created, the best opening to a book ever! He created and then He said. After he said, he saw that it was good. And when He looked back at all he had done, He saw that it was very good. Much like Meiko and I as we stared at our finished products tonight.

The Lord created us in His image. Then he did this crazy thing and spoke purpose into us. He looked back and acknowledged that it was good and gave us authority to go and do the same. So I am not quite sure why I was so surprised at what my hands could do this evening.

I was quickly reminded that just as easy as it was to let the Artist teach me how to "art", it was meant to be twice as easy for me to just let my creator take over and teach me how to be like Him. That goes for my marriage as well. Meeks and I didn't share many words tonight. We did however share each others vulnerable space as we attempted to create like our father. I realized we share that vulnerable space everyday - our triumphs, our failures, our fears, our happy, our goofy, our disappointments,  our "I knew you could do it", or "we'll get 'em next time", "I'm so proud of you", vulnerable spaces. What excites me most about the joy I felt this evening doing this new thing with my best friend, is how much more joy we will feel when we create a family together. Even greater is that it is backed up by the promises of the King.. and it's gonna be good! 


What's the best thing you and your spouse have created together? In what moment did you realize you could create with that person forever? How has God created masterpiece moments in your marriage?