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Notes On Friendship

Deep and meaningful friendships often have to be nurtured and take time and effort to cultivate. Most of us are reluctant to let people see inside our inner selves but that’s something that we must be prepared to do if we want to develop meaningful friendships and move beyond the ‘banter’ that tends to form much of our interaction with those who we perceive to be our close friends.

It takes time for people to get to know you and to understand where you’re coming from and vice versa. Proper friendship is about a mutual understanding of each other’s interests, personal qualities and how that might fit into each of your lives and, like any good relationship, this doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s important that you adopt a selfless attitude if you wish to find a meaningful friend. It’s not about you asking yourself, “What can this person do for me?” but about “What can I do for you?”

So many of our friendships never go deeper than beyond the everyday ‘small talk’ but to have a truly close friendship, we must open up fully to others and let them get to know the person we are inside. Obviously, there is risk involved in doing this and it does take time and we need to take it slowly. It doesn’t mean that we have to wear our hearts on our sleeves and have to divulge our innermost secrets to all and sundry but selectively choosing those with whom you have a connection to as people who you can start to reveal your true thoughts and feelings to over time. It’s about being genuine and letting others be their true selves also.

Meiko Seymour2 Comments