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Social Saturday - Fix Your Facebook Newsfeed

Have you noticed how your Facebook feed has become so cluttered with stuff! I mean, sometimes I find myself quickly scrolling through because 90% of the "stuff" doesn't matter to me. What I've realized is that I have created this nightmare. I've actually told Facebook to show me this stuff. 

Inspired by, Mat Honan of Wired Magazine, I've decided to fix my Facebook newsfeed by following some examples he listed in a recent Hootsuite article

1. Always Like the things I like

I’m expecting this to be the lever that has the greatest effect. The Like button is the strongest signal users give Facebook to tell the robots what content they want more of. I’m going to be judicious with my Likes, but not stingy. The goal is to curate the content that will improve my experience of the News Feed as a content delivery system.

2. Hide the junk

Not every signal I give Facebook is a good one. When you’re in line at the grocery store, you may glance at a trashy magazine, but you don’t want to subscribe to that magazine. Similarly, I don’t want more of everything I read on Facebook. While I occasionally indulge in click-hole content, I need to correct any signals that will clutter my Feed. That’s what the Hide button is for.

3. Don’t feed the trolls

I have a bad habit of getting sucked into comment thread debates on Facebook. Sometimes they’re fun, and sometimes I only realize when it’s too late that I’ve wasted 45 minutes of my adult life debating the finer points of Star Trek TNG versus the original. The goal here is to shape my Feed into a great content channel, so I’m going to exercise some discipline, and avoid feeding the trolls.

4. Leave groups and unfollow pages

Both pages and groups can clutter your feed. I’m going to do a tough-minded audit of what I’m following, eliminating everything that doesn’t contribute to my goal of the perfectly curated Feed. No offence to the groups I’m leaving—I still think you’re cool (maybe), but I’m on a mission.

5. Make new “close” friends

I don’t have any “close” friends. I mean, I do, but Facebook doesn’t know that. I haven’t designated anyone as formally “close.” With this experiment, I’m going to change that, not by identifying the people I actually hang out with all the time, but by finding a select group of people I know and like who share great content and elevating them to “close” status.

The reason we may hate our Facebook newsfeed is because we don't "like" anything on it. Maybe we need to change this. Who's with me?