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Creating A Space For You

I operate best when I am most comfortable. 

Today, I woke up and decided before my day fully got started, I'd brew a Chemex full of coffee, open my patio door, and put on my Jazz station via Apple Music. I created a space for me.

Yeah. It was nice. It was just what I needed to consolidate my thoughts that run wild in the morning. It was what I needed to be in tune with me. Feel me out. Take an inventory of me. What was pressing for me? What was inspiring me or not? What was I afraid of? What did I need to do today? Who did I need to connect with on a human level today? My mind was able to expand and breathe and prepare for a long day.

I received several phone calls and text messages but ignored them. Turned my social media push notifications off. No tv. No nothing. 

I created a space for me.

We can create spaces for ourselves not just in our homes but anywhere. It can be as simple as turning on your favorite music in your car on the way to work. Dimming the lights in your office. Lunch at the local park. Whatever. 

What type of space do you need to create for you? What type of space will help you regroup? Refocus?

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