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Just Five Things

Friend, can I just mind-dump on this post a bit. I've been wrestling with a few things and went to one of my accountability partners to discuss. By the end of the conversation, I was able to formulate these five thoughts that I hope will help you. 

1. People should know that you are excited to see them: In our most inner core, we all want to know that we belong and that we are loved. You will be amazed at how someone responds when you go out of your way to let them know that you are excited to see them. Sometimes this simply means just saying it and sometimes it means actually putting more celebration into how you greet them, “Hey! I’m so glad to see you”.

2. Honor begets honor: Take every opportunity to show someone honor. A person’s status should not determine whether you honor them or not. Honoring everyone you come in contact with will eventually result in them respecting what you have to say and so much more. The key here is to recognize everyone first and foremost as a person. Honor begets honor. 

3. Always be a better friend to someone than they are to you: This was a hard lesson for me today but a good one. I have found that friendships that are equally balanced in companionship are the best but there are times where you have to go out of your way to love someone even when they are not loving you the same way or with the same intensity. You may find yourself making more strides towards them then they are to you. You may find yourself doing more for them than they are for you. Good. Keep doing so. I believe in the end, there will never be an instance where your love for them can be questioned and someday, you will be richly rewarded. Love anyway.

4. Clarity is key for success: Seek out clear expectations, clear rules, clear policies. Doing so will help you to know what the win is in everything that you do and will keep you from creating false realities. 

5. Listen with more than just your ears: Take the time to really listen to a person. Watch their body language. Hear the things they are NOT saying even. Ask questions for clarity and be genuine. Listening develops trust. Trust is essential in all relationships. 

I'll see you back here on Friday!

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