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Fight The Big Fights


I got home late last night from spending time with Roman and Sarah Casterline, an incredible couple and close friends of Simone and I. Trying to unwind after the evening, I flipped on the tv to see what was on and caught some of the Barbara Walters MasterClass on OWN (yes I watch Oprah). The interview was amazing. I wanted to share one little moment from that interview that really resonated with me:

"Fight the big fights. Don't fight the little fights. If you don't get all of the lines, if you're not where you should be, if you don't get this opportunity or that one, ...decide what the BIG fights are and fight those. The rest will come. Be the first one in and the last one out. Do your homework. Choose your battles. Don't wine and don't be the person who complains about everything. Fight the BIG fights. " - Barbara Walters


What are some of those hard fights you are facing? Are they easy to define? What are ways you can overcome them?