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Get Happy: Part One

A few months ago, I came across an article articulating 8 things the happiest people on earth do every day. When I saw it, I immediately thought, "I wonder what makes them so happy". The great thing about the article is that it didn't stop with just the 8 things. It actually went through some of the research to back it up. 

Here’s an interesting fact about happiness: frequency beats intensity. What’s that mean? I guess the blog post could end here. You’ve got your answer. But did you just want trivia? Or do you actually want to get happier?

The internet has become a firehose of ideas we never implement, tricks we forget to use.

8 Things the Happiest People on Earth Do Everyday. 

  1. They devote a great amount of time to their family and friends, nurturing and enjoying those relationships.
  2. They are comfortable expressing gratitude for all they have.
  3. They are often the first to offer helping hands to coworkers and passers by.
  4. They practice optimism when imagining their futures.
  5. They savor life’s pleasures and try to live in the present moment.
  6. They make physical exercise a weekly and even daily habit.
  7. They are deeply committed to lifelong goals and ambitions (e.g., fighting fraud, building cabinets, or teaching their children their deeply held values).
  8. Last but not least, the happiest people do have their share of stresses, crises, and even tragedies. They may become just as distressed and emotional in such circumstances as you or I, but their secret weapon is the poise and strength they show in coping in the face of challenge.

Reading a list of eight things is easy. Implementing them in your life can be hard. Lots of little good things make you happier than a handful of big things.

Research shows that going to church and exercising, both bring people a disproportionate amount of happiness. Why? They give us frequent, regular boosts.

The things that make you happy, do them more often.

We have designated work hours. We schedule doctor appointments. Heck, we even schedule hair appointments. We say happiness is the most important thing but fail to consistently include it in our calendars.

Research shows 40% of happiness is due to intentional activity. You can change your happiness by up to 40% by what you choose to do every day. And much of what you do, you do on autopilot. 40% of what you do every day isn’t the result of decisions, it’s due to habits. See where I’m going with this?

Happy things need to be a habit. Part of your routine. Part of your schedule. Stop waiting for random happy events, you need a “happiness subscription.”

So how do we take this list and make them things we actually do every day instead of more forgotten trivia? Stay tuned all week to the blog as we unpack each Happiness Trigger.