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Social Saturday - I Hate Social Media On Sundays

Social Saturday is a blog series where I get to invade your inbox, timeline, morning coffee, with some key insights on all things related to Social Media!

I have always wondered why brands, products, etc., tend to advertise and attempt to get your attention all around the same time. Whether it be the holiday shopping season, the major awards season like the Grammy's or Oscars, the Superbowl, everyone seems to try to get your attention at the same time. I have a HUGE issue with this. 


Because that kind of Social Marketing has crept into the Church world and it sucks. Let me explain. For some reason, it just makes sense that during these big moments like the ones I listed above, we feel like we need to invest all of our money, our energy, and our time to push out our best content. Everyone knows that you watch the Superbowl not only for the game and the halftime show but because you want to see the commercials. But I bet those commercial spots that companies are paying billions of dollars for aren't getting the ROI that you think they are. Sure, they're eye candy and funny and at some points creatively moving but do they really drive you toward a product or to take action? Once the game is over, you talk about the commercial but you don't really talk about actually going to the store and picking up the product.

Here's why, the field is set and it's heavy. You've been bombarded by information and everyone is jostling for your time and attention. You're overwhelmed by the same kind of product or information. These companies aren't trying to reach you, they're trying to outdo one another. 

So Why Do I Hate Social Media On Sunday's?

Here is where we make our mistakes in what I like to call the "Church World". We saturate Twitter timelines and Facebook feeds on Sundays like nobody else. We all say the same things: "Don't miss service today", "Today's service is going to be awesome", "We've got 4 services for you to choose from"...and on and on it goes. These kinds of messages aren't reaching people. We're just competing with each other for the loudest voice. Our content on Sundays consist on promoting our services more than engagement. Thus, I hate jumping on Social Media on Sundays. It's not interesting. Everyone wants me to come to their "thing" and honestly I don't want to because they haven't done a well enough job telling me what their "thing" is all about!


Win people over when the field is less crowded and by providing valuable content that I can engage in. Most ministries aren't promoting "NEXT SUNDAY" during the week...WHICH IS PRECISELY WHEN YOU SHOULD BE PROMOTING. The field is less saturated which means your message, your story, your church marketing ( which I just threw up a little in my mouth) will be more visible because you won't be competing with everyone else. Use the week to drive content that by it's very nature will sell what your cooking on Sunday. You don't need to tell me to show up to something. What you push out during your content week will inevitably create a desire within me to be in the kitchen on Sunday.