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I'm Not Sure Why It Bothered Me

Someone recently commented on one of my Instagram posts saying, "This is great."

And it really bothered me.

Recently, I've been changing up how I handle social media -- where I post, what I post, how much I post. I changed it up because i wanted to focus on what works for me. I wanted to change it up because for too long I was posting for the likes and not for the influence. 

The response has been mixed. I've gotten the usual, "why do you only feature yourself on your Instagram" or "You post too much on Snapchat" or "You're not posting enough". I get the sly, backhanded comments to try to take a dig at me even. So emotionally, letting these comments in, it's been somewhat tough. 

But I have also loved the positive responses that I've gotten. My tribe. my people. Those who I am targeting -- they're liking my stuff and I'm gaining influence to speak into their lives and build relationships. 

So why did this one comment bother me?

It made they're opinion important to me.
And I didn't want that.
I don't want that.

Let me be clear, it's not that I don't appreciate kind words and words of affirmation because I really do. 

What I don't like is feeling like I need their approval.
Because I don't. And that's easier typed than executed.

I saw the comment as, "Now, this is a good instagram post." Or "You should do more like this". I had won their approval finally. 

If I'm not careful, that comment or comments like it will drive me to do more of what they want vs more of what I want.

If we can grasp that. If we can really hang on to what and who WE are and execute on that, then the right people -- the people who should be in our orbit will begin to circle up and consume what we are putting out there.

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