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My Escape Plan

Coach Taylor and Tami, Lorelai and Rory, Emily Thorn, Sherlock, the Kardashians (I know), Rachel and Ross, Joel and Julia...these are my people, my tv people. They've become important to me. I'm involved. I'm invested. You chuckle, I understand. But these are my tv people. 

Creatives are constantly exercising their minds. They are usually really busy. That describes me. My job makes me very busy and my mind is constantly on it. Everything that I see and hear and smell plays into what I do. I'm either creating or planning to create, coming up with ideas and executing them.

My schedule every so often becomes packed with deadlines and last minute requests and because I am a scheduler, it throws everything out of whack. I like to have peace and I like to have structure and I like to have order but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. You can walk into a week with the highest hopes of a jubilant week and by Tuesday, you've given up on that lofty goal! The week has already begun kicking your butt. You long for Friday...the end of your work week. Tasks and projects are circling your head and you walk in a haze. What do you do about it?

Form an escape plan.

It is incredibly important for you to take some time to rest, to throw away the day and escape all that is on your plate for a moment. Go on a walk. Exercise. Journal.  Pray. Throw a dance party. Netflix. Go eat out. Hang out with a few friends. Whatever your escape plan may be, I say decide on it and execute it. Take time to enjoy yourself and do what you want to do. It doesn't have to be too long. We all have major time commitments but in the 24 hours that you are given each day, try to figure out what works best for you and infuse some escape time into it. 

Don't let your responsibilities become too heavy for you. Don't become so overwhelmed by what you have to do that you forget to take care of yourself. A rested and rejuvenated you can conquer the world! 

So my escape plan: Hang out with some FRIENDS, turn on the Friday Night Lights to cheer on the Panthers, check out how much Revenge a girl can handle, learn all about Parenthood, all while eating Oreos. Thank you Netflix, thank you.