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Own Your Morning

The alarm tends to go off earlier than expected but always somehow right on time. I don't say that to be poetic. I've found this to be true. I've been waking up with a great anticipation for what the day will bring and what I can infuse into it. 

This month, I've really been challenging myself to own my morning. I really believe that what you do in the morning can set the tone for the rest of your day. 

I think, what I love most about having the extra time in the morning is the idea that it's my time. I can choose to do whatever I want during this time. It's not being dictated by what time I need to be at the office or by tasks or anything. What dictates my morning is what it takes to prepare me for a day of ministry, a day of being a husband, a day of being a friend, and a day of being a resource. While I sit and enjoy breakfast and the morning news, I think through all of the things that may be on my calendar and I balance it with all of the things I hope to accomplish during the day. It's how I ramp up my mind which may be moving slower due to the hour of the day. It's my warm up. I'll even check out my Twitter feed, emails, and anything I may have missed during the night. My social feeds don't  run my life after changes I've made over a year ago now but often I will go days not being able to engage my followers or their content. I don't like that. So this tends to be a great time to do so. 

The alarm goes off with a subtle song, easing me out of my sleep, at 7am two hours before needing to be in the office. I begin with either heating up a pot of water or making a fresh brew of coffee. I also begin boiling a couple of eggs. Eggs are my favorite. I drink a quick glass of water, open the blinds to reveal the morning sunrise, unlock my iPhone and open the Bible app. Once I'm done reading, I reflect. Then, I open up my recreational reading book, Leaders Eat Last, and read a chapter or two. The whistle of the tea pot goes off. I head over to take it off of the eye of the stove, toss the eggs into cool water and prepare them while toasting a bagel. Setting everything onto the plate, I turn on the news to get my morning report and sink myself into the news of the day. 

8am rolls in. The sun is now blaring through my windows just the way I like it. Now is the time I get to spend some moments with my wife (she wakes up a bit later than I). Then I shower up while listening to music that just gets my spirit going. I'm taking time now to introduce myself to new Indie music like Moondog while steam fills the bathroom. Drying off now thinking through what my main work priority will be for the day, I begin to get dressed in my most minimalist t shirt (obviously purchased from H&M) and my trusty Levi's 511 Jeans. Pack up my book bag and head down to the car to enjoy a fresh 15 minute drive across the Chattahoochee River into Georgia and head into the office. 

This is how I own my morning. 

LET'S TALK: How do you own your morning? I'd really love to know. Leave a comment below.