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Spinnin' With My Hands Gripped

So, I'm sitting in my car in a parking lot after getting my hair cut. With my car running, I was waiting for it to warm up because the weather here in St. Petersburg has plummeted to between 30-40 degrees recently. It's been wet and cold. As I sat in my car, I heard this loud screech and looking to my left, saw a car literally losing control and spinning down the street in front of me. This car spun around at least 3 times before straightening back out in the parking lot of a gas station across the way from the parking lot I was in. 

It. Was. Wild!

After a beat, the car peeled off from where he landed at the gas station onto a side street and just like that he was gone. 

Still speeding. Roads still wet. As if nothing just happened. 

I was left in a mild shock if I am being honest. I'd never seen anything like that -- a CAR SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Oh, and the driver carrying on in the same way that got him in trouble right after said trouble!

I think we can all agree that the year 2017 was a doozy. There hasn't been one person that I've spoken with who hadn't had some sort of hiccup during the year. In fact, the year felt heavy and daunting even if you didn't have anything happen to you personally, am I right?


What led to that? How'd we get there? What decisions did we make with negative outcomes? What decisions did others make that caused us pain? What did we allow into our lives? What boundaries did we not set? 

If we are not careful, we can continue all of the things that tripped us up. We can repeat the mistakes that had us spinning out of control. 

Stop Spinnin'

This is why I love the New Year season because it really is a moment where we can take a beat and ask ourselves, "Do I want to continue this spiral?", "Do I want to keep spinning?", "Do I want to continue being out of control?" This is a time where we can look back on all of what we didn't like about our past, shift into a different gear and change the trajectory of our future. 

I remember looking, it felt like, into the eyes of the guy driving that car I spoke about earlier. I saw him holding tightly to the steering wheel. He looked like he was in shock. Not knowing what to do. I remember thinking about what I will do when he does crash. I remember thinking about and hoping he would survive it. What I didn't anticipate however was his blatant disregard for what just happened. He decided to continue on his journey at the crazy speed he was doing before he began spinning. He chose to do the same-old-same-old. He didn't learn. I worried about his future. 

It was a lesson for me. I don't want to make the same old decisions I made in 2017. I may not have spun out of control but I don't think it was my best year. So here is to spinning less, making better decisions and just having a great 2018! 

Take a beat, then get going...get going differently than you did in 2017. 

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