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Transition - One Year Later

At the point of transition, you're left wondering, what will the future hold? Is this the right move? Am I doing what is right for my family? At the point of transition, you're scared, nervous, excited, held in suspense for what could be, for what better could look like. At the point of transition, you're just ready to move forward. You've known that transition was coming and now you're waiting for the act of transitioning. You get restless. You get anxious for the promise. 

These were my feelings. These were my thoughts one year ago today.

I remember the night when I invited my closest guys, whom I had been discipling, over to my house to tell them that I would be moving away. Not down the street or a few miles but moving to a new part of the state, a new church, a new job, a new everything. It was hard. And easy

I remember standing on stage in front of hundreds of teenagers letting them know how much I'd be missing them as I had watched them grow in themselves and in ministry. I remember crying and knowing this was all God

I remember packing up our apartment. This was our first place together as a married couple. And as surreal as it sounds, I was packing up everything we'd known as Mr. and Mrs

But one year later as I look back, the transition was the Lord. It was needed. It was welcomed

One year ago today, Simone and I (and Kitty, my Siamese cat) jumped in a Uhaul and our car and drove an hour and a half south from Douglasville to Columbus GA/Phenix City AL. We left our best friends behind, our family, our church behind for the promise of something new. A new season. It was terrifying for me. This was the biggest decision I had made for my family. We had only been married a year. But we entered this transition with intention. We entered it knowing that the Lord was faithful and had us in his hand. 

When I look back over the year, I think about how much the Lord took away and how much more we gained from Him. Yesterday as I was reviewing our 2014 family goals there were only a couple that we hadn't met. I was astonished and what God brought about. But it was not easy.

During this transition, Simone and I had to really figure out what this new season would mean for us. What ministries would we involve ourselves in? Who would our friends be? We still needed a second car. Simone needed a full-time job (she was working at the church with me only part-time). What would savings look like since we were spending all of what we had on the transition? Would we be able to minister? And so on. These were questions that plagued my mind. They arrested my mind. I was petrified to be in a new place and not know what the year would look like. And yet, I felt incredibly safe

God is faithful.

This year we:

  • Bought two cars. I traded in my gas guzzler Ford Explorer for a Honda Civic and a friend sold us their Passat.
  • We launched Bracket Aims, a way for me to consult with different leaders and ministries and help get to them to the goals they set out for their organizations. I've had over 20 different leaders I've worked with since launching in the spring!
  • Simone was blessed by a full-time job at a local bank and has now worked herself up to being the Operations Manager. WHOA! She hasn't even been there a year yet!
  • I began my role as Communications Director at Evangel Temple (the reason for the move) and have loved growing into the role.
  • Simone traveled to Prague, CZ on her first Missions Trip.
  • Simone has led worship at our young adults ministry, theDoor and currently leads the hospitality team there! 
  • I was still able to lead a human video group for Fine Arts and won Merit in that category. I was also able to be in my role at the District level coordinating the evaluators for the festival.
  • We both have led small groups
  • We've traveled to Florida more times this year than we have over the last four! And we really like that. 
  • Actually, we traveled a lot!
  • Met more best friends and basically live life with them!
  • Cruised to Key West (more Florida) and Cozumel, Mexico
  • We grew closer to God...and that's what matters most!

I don't tell you all of that stuff to brag but to boast on God! We entered the year not knowing what he would do and he did more than we expected. 

Transition is so hard. And even in the midst of all of the great things that God did, we have had hard moments. We've had really hard moments like missing our people back in Douglasville, misunderstandings here with each other and others because we are in a different culture. We've had hard moments that induced tears. But God has helped us to overcome

I think during transition, the most important thing to have is God and to have faith that he is faithful. Our transition isn't over. We are still learning what God has for us. We know that we are still in the beginning and we are ok with his hand guiding us!