Boxhead Cohort

Boxhead Cohort

from 45.00

It's always better to be on a journey with others! My Boxhead Cohort is designed to instantly give you a community of people who are walking through their own Driven-Box.

Take advantage of the different levels in our cohort. 

Base Line - This level of our cohort gets you one session with me as we discuss your filled out DBM Worksheet. You and I will sit with coffee in our hands face-to-face either online or in person. I'll get to know you and what you want and discuss ways for you to get there. You'll also join the Cohort online community for one year for free! $45

Mid Line - The second level of my Cohort gets you an initial one hour session with me as we discuss and go over your filled out DBM Worksheet. Then, you get FOUR sessions within a year with me as I check in with you to discuss how things are going. Everything clearly done over coffee or your drink of choice of course and can be done in person or online. And of course you get access to our online Cohort community for one year. $90

Gold Line - This is the ultimate level of my Boxhead Cohort. You will get EIGHT sessions with me within a year as we discuss and go over your DBM Worksheet. I help to keep you accountable to all the great things you want to do with your life. I'm your very own Life Consultant. This plus your unlimited access to our online cohort community forever! Yep, you've got me for as long as you want! $180

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