Is your life kept up between a worn, bulky, day-planner, post-it notes, and appointments on the back of coffee receipts?

Still trying to find the extra time in your day to get that one last thing done?

You’ve searched for something to keep it all together -- something that will actually work.  You’ve spent too much money on things that aren’t getting the job done -- and yet every day seems to still slip through your fingers.

You don’t have to miss out on the places, people, and appointments that are important to you.


Not anymore.


You’re not irresponsible.

Your planner is just making you look that way.


The Heartbeat System is a step-by-step process that will re-structure and organize everything you want in your day, based on what makes your heart beat -- your passions, dreams, and the social causes you fight for.

Keep your life ticking by prioritizing what you love.

Never miss another appointment.

Have time for all of your passions, priorities, and even time to enjoy that reserve espresso. (The bolder the better.)

Yep, seriously.

I use the Heartbeat System myself to structure my own life. And as a pastor, if I miss an opportunity to chat with someone, I’m in big trouble. I’ll show you the reasons behind every decision I make, and how I choose how to structure my calendar -- without spending a dime. You’ll get an inside peek at how I navigate all the things I do every day, as a guide for creating your own calendar, custom to you!

This will change things for you in a big way. It is consistent, rhythmical, and it’ll become essential to your productivity, sanity, and rhythm.

Let’s calendarize your passion and expand your time...

Ready to make space for all of those passion projects you've got in your heart?

PS - One of my clients loved this process and product so much, he actually lit his worn, bulky day-planner on fire while on a call with me. No joke.

You're just a heartbeat away from a life ticking on all cylinders -- manage your day and feel great while doing it!