Their Words


I had the privilege of watching Meiko Seymour develop from his high school years through today. He has served in nearly every area of ministry in our organization. It is difficult to determine his strongest giftings. His passion for God and for excellence in ministry is matched by his creativity and relevance. Equally strong are his organizational and administrative skills. He is a valuable and powerful voice in so many areas of today’s church.
— Johnnie Wilson (Youth Ministries Lead Pastor at Faith Assembly of God, Orlando)

There is no debate that Meiko is a world class leader. I truly believe that he is the very definition of a “revivalists.” His genuineness, authenticity and passion for Jesus Christ are each incredibly contagious. I deeply recommend the ministry of Meiko Seymour to your church, youth group or event!
— JC Worley (Lead Pastor - GO Church)

I am constantly encouraged and inspired by the quality of creative work I see from my friend Meiko. From team building to executing highly affective productions for years - I highly suggest Meiko as a leader with a fresh perspective that’s valuable to learn from.
— Jered Miller (Production and Young Adults Director of The Cross Church)

Meiko is both creative & systematic, a servant and leader, and finally an entrepreneur and as pastor. Meiko definitely defines the phrase “one of a kind’. Fortunately for us, he makes disciples too. Because of his vast skill set, he already has and will go on to be a blessing to your church, ministry, or business.
— Joey Furjanic (Lead Pastor of The Block Church)

Meiko is an incredibly hard worker. His passion for his work while at NABEI and for seeing the company succeed are unmatched. As director of operations he kept the NABEI staff moving forward by finding the areas where the organization needed improvement and either worked on those areas personally or assigned others to that need. Meiko is great in dealing with difficult situations with co-workers and clients.
— Carolina Parr (Director of Programs for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION TO BROADEN AND ENHANCE IMAGES)

Meiko definitely has what it takes and is really epitomized as a rising star. It’s been a pleasure working with Meiko in emerging and social strategies. Mix that with the willingness to both learn and observe best practice and techniques and you have an individual who will undoubtedly shine in any organization. Meiko pays close attention to detail, and his quality of work is superb. I look forward to working with Meiko again in the near future.
— Nathan Jokers (Channel Supervisor - Social at VML)

To date, I have not met a person more passionate about the youth and fine arts than Meiko Seymour. What I truly find refreshing about Meiko is his love and commitment to serve the Lord, and that commitment is reflected through his service and radiates through the lives he touches. That is a rare and precious thing, and it’s an honor to serve along side him.
— Christopher Hayes (Principal Designer and CEO of Amalgamated Pixels, LLC)

It is always a pleasure to work with Meiko! In both his work and personal life, he reflects a great balance of passion, professionalism and rapport. It is obvious that every detail matters to him and because of that, the end results of his responsibiltites are always top notch. I appreciate that Meiko can “get the job done” by communicating effectively and inspiring others to see the big picture. I personally would choose to do ministry/events with him any day!
— Jenny Brashaw (Student Pastor of New City Church)

Meiko has a heart for others and he is able to tie in his passion for people through various aspects of ministry from leading others to bringing a creative approach or new method to the table. His attention to detail and desire to foster growth among a team is such an incredible asset to any organization or team. Not only does Meiko build strong relationships within a team, but he also bonds with people individually and fosters a genuine connection on a personal level.
— Jordan Hester (Communications Director at The Church at Chapelhill)

Meiko’s imagination and forward thinking make him a front runner in all things ministry! His wisdom and strength truly make him a modern ministry expert! His outlook on life and ministry will be a welcomed resource to any church or ministry!
— Anderson Bunn (Surge Student Ministries)

Meiko is one of the best examples of a servant leader that I know. He is passionate about reaching people, and possesses a very creative mind. There is no doubt in my mind that Meiko is going to make a tremendous impact on not only the church of today, but the church of tomorrow as well.
— Jacob Collins (Youth Pastor)

Meiko’s heart and value for excellence in ministry is inspiring and infectious. His creative ideas are fresh and incredibly valuable. I believe Meiko’s insight would be very helpful for churches, pastors and ministries to see their mission and vision become reality.
— Brandon Divine (Director of Worship Experiences at The Church at Chapelhill)